Lute Maker

Gabriele Pandini
Ferrara maker with many years experience in the construction of the mandolin family instruments
(Napoletan Mandolin , Tenor mandola and contralto, mandocello 5 double strings).
Over the years from a structure prepared by our well known luthier and guitarist LouisMozzani
has come to build his own model of the instrument that has been imposed at the national and international.
It is also specialized in the production of copies of period instruments, repair and restoration of the same.

It is the luthier reference plectrum Orchestra Gino Neri Ferrara, a team that isinstrumental to be one of the oldest orchestras still in activity, being founded in 1898.This allowed him to get in touch with many historical instruments and to know deeply the main features, allowing it to reach an experience that has poured into theircreations.