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Body in canadian maple (Birds eye) with 31 excavated staves.

Table in red fir.

Finishings made of nacre (Mother of pearl).

Diapason mm 334.

Made of palissander wood, with 31 excavated staves.
Edging and finishings in "bois de roses".

Table in red fir.

Diapason mm 334

31 excavated staves of palissander wood.

Table in red fir.

Diapason mm. 334

Decorations and finishings made of nacre (Mother of pearl)

Some details of this mandolin :








Body in slavic marbled maple, 31 excavated staves

Table in red fir.

Diapason mm 334.


31 excavated staves made of canadian maple (birds-eye)

Table in red fir .

Finishings in "bois de roses".

Diapason mm 334.

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